I learnt to fly at Pitt Meadow's Flight School - Classic Aviation  - Getting a Pilots License was the best thing I have ever done.

Every day guys and girls from 15-85 come into the flight school in Pitt Meadows and with the help of Classic Aviation , they are living their dream and learning how to fly.
Pitt Meadows is a great Airport, and has the best Flight School in BC, Check out Classic Aviation's Flight School here. 

My first Solo Flight at the Pitt Meadows Flight School in C-FBZQ

Pitt Meadows Flight School C-FBZQ

My 6 year old son just logged his first 1.0 hours of Dual Flight Training at Pitt Meadows in a State of the Art Simulator, complete with a Modular Flight Deck Dual Control Cockpit AATD system.

Pitt Meadows Flight Simulator

After I get my Private Pilots License at Classic Aviation in Pitt Meadows, later I got my Float Plane Training as well. Sea Planes or Float Planes as I like to call them, come in handy here in British Columbia, and Pitt Meadows Airport has a Float Plane Dock and Ramp. A 7 hour Float Rating is the first level of Flight Training for Float Planes and Pitt Meadows is the place to get it.

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